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Beginners Courses

Beginners A1.1 level – we will become familiar with the rules of reading, writing and speaking the words. After a couple of classes you will be able to read Greek as well as to present yourself, say what you do and understand the basic phrases used in everyday communication. The grammar is not too demanding, we will learn how to build and change nouns, adjectives and basic rules concerning the verbs.

Beginners A1.2 level – emphasis is on improving the pronunciation, completing the vocabulary, translating sentences and texts, introducing the writing of short and informal compositions. At the present time, we will learn the construction and use of the past time of aorist and future futures.

Intermediate Courses

Intermediate A2.1 level – the volume of lessons are increased, and therefore the number of unknown words, we are updating grammar, we are using the use of imperatives, and we are introduced to another verbal time-imperfect. Let’s try to do as much as we can with conversation with students on the Greek language, so that we can verbally use the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary that they have acquired so far.

Intermediate A2.2 level – focus is on enriching vocabulary, establishing and recalling the verbal times, indirect speech, template-shaped constructions, learning to change irregular nouns and adjectives in order to improve as much as possible and facilitate conversation, writing both informal and formal essays and compositions.

Advanced Courses

Advanced B1.1 level – we introduce two more past times, perfect and pluskamperfekat, we check and audit other times as well as already acquired vocabulary.We enter the final phase, we discu$ we work on perfecting the phrases and colloquial speech.

The Conversational level – of the Greek language ismostly visited by students who need this language due to work or because of tourist visits to Greece. Our groups are small, from 5 to 8 participants and we consider that the group is best advancing where each individual participates equally in the conversation, and the topics of conversation are chosen by students themselves. Our conversational levels are mostly held by professors from Greece.

Learn the desired language online

1 on 1 Online Courses

This course gives you opportunity to quickly and easily learn the desired language with individual online classes. Such form of learning will secure the high quality of exploring a new language, because every class is held one-on-one, which makes it easier for the teacher to

Online Group Courses

Online group classes allow you to participate in a live-stream, where the classes are held, for a very favourable price. This kind of learning helps you to master the desired language on a very fair price.


Center for Foreign Languages ​​Studio Venizelos is a specialized school for the Greek language. If you really want to learn Greek, you are in the right place. Greek language courses are designed in such a way as to emphasize oral communication, understanding of the written and orated text, as well as how to write expressions. The proficiency of our professors is exceptional, all of them are graduated philologists, and some of them are Greek native speakers. The groups are small between 5 and 8 students, so the lessons are very dynamic, interactive and interesting. The atmosphere in the classes is very pleasant. From the very beginning, we encourage you to speak in Greek, because this is the best way to activate the knowledge you have immediately gained. If you have previously studied and do not know the level of your level of knowledge, do a test on our site and our professors will answer to what level you need to continue learning the language. Our courses are tailored to your needs.


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